Why We Choose Digital Market Appraisals

We are all victim to life’s ongoing quest to find time for the little things, for those of us with a busy lifestyle, kid’s and other responsibilities, finding time for little, but important tasks tends to be a challenge.

LIV Realty has chosen to work with you, not against you when it comes to Market Appraising your property. Our latest implementation of proplyapp.com.au allows us to work more streamlined and efficiently. We are able to alleviate the tedious task of slotting in time to initially meet our agents face-to-face in order for a Market Appraisal to take place.

All we need now is your email and address. We can send you intuitive, beautifully designed proposals in minutes. The proposal is sent to you in a digital format via email and can be viewed on mobile devices also. The proposal outlines a description on the property we appraise, a introduction to our agency along with sold prices in and around your area which helps formulate an educated estimate on your properties value.

Along with these traditional sections to a proposal we can also structure a tailor made sales strategy that outline and dissects each component of what we feel is best suited and needed in order to achieve the sale price recommended.

Digital Market Appraisals give you a whole new experience to getting to know your property and interacting with our agents remotely, at a convenient time that best suits you.

With the start of the year coming to an end, we are on a mission to educate people on knowing the current market value of their property. At LIV Realty we believe a consistent check-in on your property’s market value can inspire people to reach their property goals by re-evaluating and assessing their situation on a regular basis.

Our goal is to implement the latest and emerging trends and technology that not only benefit us as an agency, but most importantly you.