The Agility of Mobility

Selling properties from Jordan Springs to Epping

LIV Realty is a modern day, nomadic Real Estate Agency servicing the Sydney Metro area. This is definitely an “against the grain” approach to the traditional methods of being a specialist of a Sydney suburb.

We currently hold multiple sale records throughout Sydney suburbs spanning from as far west as Jordan Springs right through to Epping, Sydney’s North West region. Our ability to adapt to the changing demographic throughout Sydney is a big advantage when it comes to meeting vendors and buyers expectations. Our leading Sales Agent, Aron Korani has 10+ years of sales experience and has been the driving force behind our new agile model.

“It’s deep in us as human beings to be nomadic, I can’t imagine staying at a traditional agency model and only servicing a specific region. With LIV my base is Sydney. Through experience I have been able to broaden my knowledge of the entire Sydney market. This provides me with  inspiration and makes working with LIV a rewarding journey” – Aron Korani.

Finding the right agent to work with when selling your Sydney home can be challenging, at LIV we know what it takes to influence the right buyer, and to help maintain a happy transaction.

Our extensive research of the Sydney Metro region goes beyond borders. Our approach starts with the people, understanding the demographic of communities we work in provides a unique approach to communicating with potential buyers and vendors. This also sheds light on buyers and sellers motivation:

E.g. Our Tertiary education hubs in Sydney tend to attract a high number of Australians who are not citizens. Their motivation behind moving to Sydney is education and this is a high priority and the biggest motivator for their purchase behaviour. Being informed of this kind of information helps meet vendors and buyers expectations and allows for honest and transparent dealings.

Ref: https://www.corelogic.com.au/news/where-citizenship-rates-are-highest-lowest#.WegrJxOCy-U

That’s just one example of how LIV is able to adapt to the diverse Sydney market. So when it comes to choosing your Real Estate of choice, think “outside” of the box, meaning outside of your local agent. As one’s mindset can shift from suburb to suburb.